Why Chan Meditation Is So Popular Today?

A very popular type of meditation technique is called Chan meditation. It was created by Master Hsuan Hua. This particular form of meditation recognizes that having one focal point is really the key to succeeding at anything. As with most forms of meditation, you must also learn how to sit, clear your mind, and focus your attention. It is so easy for the mind to wander, but by using this form of meditation, you can truly begin to change your life. Here is a brief overview of how Chan meditation works and why you should consider incorporating this into your daily routines.


What Are The Benefits Of This Type Of Meditation


This type of meditation is beneficial once you understand how to do it. Your meditations will lead to positive byproducts of doing this every day. It will bring peace to where ever you are living. It will enhance your ability to be kind. Thoughts of regret, and also self-pity, can be minimized. You will learn the joy of non-eating. You will also experience the joy of not having desire or emotional love. Finally, you will only cultivate that which will lead to positive outcomes. It will help you find freedom and separate you from demonic karma.


How Do You Do This Type Of Meditation?


When you meditate, the posture of your body is very important. In most cases, a very straight or proper posture is going to be the most beneficial. In fact, when you do this meditation, without proper posture you are actually losing all of those potential benefits. Your posture also aids in freeing and relaxing your mind and body. You will notice that you will become less tense, especially if you can sit in the full lotus position. This firm and unmoving position is also called vajra. By sitting as instructed, you are literally symbolic of the forces of yin and yang.


How Can This Meditation Practice Help You?


First of all, it’s going to help you relax your body and mind. There technique of meditation can help keep your mind clear of random thoughts. In the absence of these thoughts, you are able to pinpoint what you are focusing upon or intending. You can also go through the states of the 4 Dhyanas. These will help you leave your regrets behind and experience happiness in the present moment. And beyond that, you can experience bliss that transcends normal happiness, leading to the purity of your thoughts and mind.


The byproduct of doing this meditation is that it will change your life. When you embrace this regular meditation practice, and learn how to sit properly and clear your mind, everything else will begin to fall in place. Your focus will be exceptional, and a feeling of peace and happiness will pervade your being. This is all possible for those that practice the Chan meditation. Thoughts of confusion will begin to cease as you learn to concentrate on a single focal point that will ultimately lead to improving your life.