Cibo Wine Bar Is One Of The Best Italian Restaurants Around

Cibo Wine Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Recently a new restaurant opened in the area. There were already a few Italian restaurants in the area, but I had heard great things about the new Cibo Wine Bar. I wanted to check it out and I asked a few of my friends which night would be a good one to go out to eat. We decided which night would work for all of us and picked a time to meet up there. It was in a convenient location that all of us could easily access.

Once we all arrived we were seated promptly and didn’t need to wait long at all before a waitress came around to ask us what we wanted to drink. I was shocked at how quickly they waited on us. It was really busy and for being a new restaurant, the service was fast.

My friends and I looked over the wine selection and specials of the day at the Cibo Wine Bar. We each found something that we wanted to order for drinks and our waitress quickly returned with our wine. This service was top notch and I really was having a great time with my friends. We sipped on our wine, which we were all happy with, while we looked over the menu to find out what we wanted to order. They had a special going on that evening and I decided to order that. My friends all chose something different to order. Our waitress came back to the table and we gave her our order. She also gave us more wine while we waited on our food. She was on top of everything and was a great waitress.

I couldn’t wait to get my food because of all the great things I heard about this restaurant. We didn’t wait long before our order arrived. It was perfect and looked so good. I even took a picture of it so I could review them on Yelp. I wanted to make sure that anyone looking for a place to eat knew that this was a great selection.

The food was just as good as it looked and I was really happy with my order. My friends agreed they were also happy and that we should come back soon to eat again. We finished our food and the waitress asked us how everything was. We told her that we were really happy with everything and we wanted to have another glass of wine before we left. She promptly returned with the wine.

When we were done with our food and ready to go, we had the check split between us. We also split the tip between us and left her a nice tip. We have all decided that we want to visit again at least once a month. The Cibo Wine Bar is one of the best Italian restaurants in the area and we will be returning. I have told several people about it because it was so good.