Fair Trade Coffee and What It Means to Coffee Lovers

Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee shops and shelves are now profuse with labels indicating “Free Trade”. This label is actually being found more and more on many commodities we use each day. But what does “Free Trade” really mean? And is it important to an avid coffee drinker with a taste for the exquisite and organic?

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade refers to an idea that foods and products of a better value and quality an be found by cultivating fair and transparent trading deals with local producers. Many of these deals includes ways of preserving the natural environment from which these products are taken. This could be the misty rolling hills of Colombia or Brazil, which are major coffee producers.

The vast majority of products listed as “Fair Trade” are also organic. While organic Fair trade coffee may seem a bit overpriced, following are some of the reasons making their responsible investment will improve the experience of drinking coffee both in the short and long term.

1. Supports Environmental Sustainability

When you choose to enjoy the many benefits of Fair Trade, organic coffee beans, you also support the efforts against harmful agricultural practices that take a serious toll on the fertility and productivity of the Earth. Furthermore, many of the producers that work in Fair Trade production practice sustainable farming methods that work to improve the soil quality and increase the quality of the bean for many years to come.

2. Fair Price

You also support a fair price for the products you enjoy. Fair Trade Coffee has been set to the base price for international free trade. This way you are not spending more than you should, and those working in many underdeveloped countries are improving their quality of life as well. This will in turn produce better results in the years to come.

3. Supports Local Communities & Workers

As a community-conscious coffee drinker, you must understand that your community is the one that supports you. This includes the fingers that pick your coffee beans. If you would like to directly improve this international community, consider what making the responsible decision could do for lives everywhere.

4. Tastes Better!

Finally, the best reason for supporting this progressive movement toward improved trade deals, organic coffee grown in a responsible taste better. As the demand for coffee grows this increased business will translate in more “economic” farming techniques which directly hamper flavor and quality. By applying Fair Trade as a solution, we ensure that production will be based on quality rather than quantity

Furthermore, coffee beans grown with organic techniques can create soil with a durable nutrient base. These plants allow the nutrient rich soil to remain so, creating beans that have a richer flavor. It also ensures that the same advantages will be enjoyed for many future generations.

In conclusion — Fair Trade Coffee provides the coffee drinker with improved quality and a community-conscious way of preserving the coffee industry indefinitely. If you would like to check out a fine selection of the finest Fair Trade Beans in the market, check out the listings at http://www.tenthousandvillages.com.